If you followed my blog months back, you might have read one of my first posts which was the story of Dee and I getting engaged in Disney Springs (if you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link: OUR DISNEY WORLD ENGAGEMENT STORY). That night we would have never imagined that two years from then, we’d be living minutes away from The Most Magical Place on Earth and yet here we are!

So, of course, we decided we just had to go back and reminisce on our most memorable moment together yet. For months we planned to head to Disney Springs January 3, 2019 and relive everything we felt that same day in 2017 – and the experience didn’t fall short.

All day, we were elated because not only was it the anniversary of our engagement, but we had just (FINALLY) rung in our wedding year. All we could talk about was how we couldn’t believe two years had flown by so quickly and how now we are living our dream.

So, we headed to Disney Springs and the first thing we noticed was how much more crowded it was compared to two years ago! Both parking garages were full, but after driving around the Lime Garage for a bit we finally found a spot. Walking into DS itself, it was jam packed. But, unlike Christmas Eve, that didn’t stop us from having a magical time or even hinder our experience.

Since we parked in the Lime Garage, our first stop was the 45 foot tall Christmas tree in the middle of the shopping center – which is the tree my soon-to-be husband proposed in front of. It truly felt like stepping into a time warp because the tree was exactly how I remembered it. The same golden shimmery garland glistened around the tree with illuminating baubles that were larger than our heads scattered throughout. Just seeing the beauty of the tree itself brought a flood of emotions with it reminding me of that magical moment two years ago. Of course, we stopped and snapped a few pictures and stared at the trees beauty a little more before heading on.

Next stop was to grab a bite to eat at Chicken Guy. Now, obviously this new quick-service restaurant just opened this past summer 2018, but Dee had yet to try it out! If you  read my rave review on the restaurant (CHICKEN GUY: A REVIEW), then you’d know that it is amazing and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to eat there let alone introduce it to my fiance! It did not disappoint.

Last, we embarked on  the journey all the way across DS to the Christmas Tree Trail. This seasonal attraction holds 27 themed trees that you can admire while walking in a winter wonderland – with snow and all! Our first experience walking along the CTT was the night we got engaged, before he popped the question, so it was another nostalgic and magical moment.

There were a few differences this year compared to two years ago, but in good ways! First, there was more snow falling which only added to the magical feeling. Also, there were a few different trees including a Haunted Mansion themed tree which is officially my favorite. The last difference I noticed was instead of a curved trail that just basically went along one path, this year there were different sections/areas. I’m assuming this change was to help with crowds – which there were a ton of – and it did, but it wasn’t as smooth of a walk. Either way, it was still such a wonderful experience!

After the Christmas Tree Trail, there was a little photo spot with Goofy, Pluto, and Donald statues that was exactly the same two years ago, so of course we had to snap a picture there as well!

After the trail, we decided to head back home and relax for the rest of the night. It was so beyond nice to revisit where we got engaged and relive that night. However, since then we have done nothing but look ahead into the future. We also decided that day that, due to many reasons, we are going to have a small and intimate wedding ceremony and celebrating in Walt Disney World instead of our big wedding that we had been planning. Later in the summer, we are going to head back home to Ohio for a week and have a party with all of our friends and family to celebrate our marriage. We have been non stop talking to family, planning for this new decision, and looking forward to the best day of our lives. We are truly living in a fairy tale. Only 138 days to go!

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This past Christmas was my first time experiencing it with the Disney magic. I’d always¬†dreamed of spending the holiday in WDW and experiencing all of the unique offerings in all of the park. This year, my fiance and I went all in and tried to experience as much as we could during the holiday season, and we pretty much hit everything!

I absolutely loved the International Festival of the Holidays at EPCOT along with the Candlelight Processional (you can read all about that experience here: EPCOT’S CANDLELIGHT PROCESSIONAL: A REVIEW), Flurry of Fun at Hollywood Studios was a great time, and of course for nostalgic reasons The Holidays at Disney Springs was my favorite. One of my favorites also happened to be the gingerbread displays at the resorts! There was one experience, however, that I was very disappointed in Рand that was Christmas Eve in the Magic Kingdom.

I didn’t have the chance to attend¬†Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this year, but I didn’t stress it too much as I knew that the week of Christmas I’d be able to experience just about everything unique about the party for free. Christmas Eve is the biggest night of the year in my family (we’re Italian, it’s a huge deal) and I knew I would be upset that I was missing our yearly party, so I saved Christmas Eve to experience all of the Magic Kingdom Christmas fun – and I wish I hadn’t.

There were several things that were a¬†must do¬†for me in MK on Christmas Eve –¬†A Frozen Holiday Wish, Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration Castle Show, Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade,¬†and of course¬†Holiday Wishes¬†fireworks. So, the first experience we planned to see for the day was the parade at 3:30. My fiance and I got to the park around 1:30 to grab a bite to eat first, and it was then that we knew we were already way too late.

Main Street was already¬† lined with people sitting and waiting for¬† the parade that was¬†two hours away. The walkways were so crowded that you honestly couldn’t take two¬† steps without running into someone. Also, I’m pretty sure about a dozen strollers, scooters, and wheelchairs rammed into my ankles within the first five minutes of being there. I knew to expect crowds, however I didn’t know it got¬†this¬†crowded.

After quickly eating, we finally found a spot for the parade about an hour before it started. We didn’t get a front row spot, but were behind a few people with more people behind us. Once the parade started, people were pushing their way up so much to the point where my fiance and I were sandwiched between people. Also, there were kids on their parents shoulders right in front of us, so we could barely see the parade itself. This is where the disappointment started.

After the parade, we had Fastpass+ reservations for the¬†Jingle Cruise. When we showed up within our timeframe, the¬†FP line was so far back that we were near¬†Aladdin’s ride. At the end of the line was a cast member, who informed us it was a 45 minute wait – for the¬†Fastpass+¬† line! So, we instead decided to go on Pirates of¬† the Caribbean, which had a suspiciously low wait time which was completely inaccurate and, was in fact, a much longer wait than stated.

After Pirates, we decided to head back to the castle to watch the Frozen castle show. It was about 5:00 at this point, so the show was almost an hour and a half out. We ended up finding pretty good spots and sat to wait. It was a beautiful sight, as always, to watch the castle light up minute by minute while it was getting darker and darker out. Finally, it was showtime and I was so excited Рuntil parents began putting their children on their shoulders yet again and the crowds began pushing forward. Once again, my view was completely blocked and I was unable to see a majority of the show.

By this time, the park seemed¬† somehow ten times more crowded and my fiance and I just decided we’d enjoy the night more if we headed home and had a lowkey evening. Making the choice to miss the fireworks and Mickey’s castle show was a hard one, but I know there is always next year.

Now, I feel like I need to pause and say that I am¬†not¬†one to complain about standing in lines, crowds in Disney, or Disney in general. It is my happy place. However, being a tad bit homesick already had me in a bit of a funk, and then having a hard time experiencing everything I’d been looking forward to for years was just a bit of a let down. I also know that I have the opportunity to experience¬† these shows for years and years to come, and for some of these families it might be their¬†once in a lifetime experience.

Overall, this was definitely a learning experience for me. Every other holiday event in WDW that I got to partake in was a great time, and it was because I hit those things before the busiest week of the year. Next year, my fiance and I know to head to MK a little earlier and make those memories when it isn’t so wild.

Would I recommend WDW during the holiday season? Absolutely – it is beyond beautiful and magical and everything I’d hoped. But, would I recommend WDW the week between Christmas and New Years? Probably not.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and has a safe New Years!Below are a few pictures of our time in MK on Christmas Eve. If you enjoyed today’s post, be sure to subscribe to our blog to be notified of any new posts. Happy holidays, see ya real soon ūüôā



Last night, I finally had the chance to see EPCOT’s¬†Candlelight¬†Processional¬†in person. This event, part of EPCOT’s¬†International Festival of the Holidays, is held in the American pavilion in World Showcase. Alongside a mass choir, the¬†Voices of Liberty, and a 50 piece orchestra, a celebrity narrator tells the story of Christmas.

This event is held daily during three showtimes: 5:00 p.m., 6:45 p.m., and 8:15 p.m. and is running through December 30th. To see the show, you don’t¬†have¬†to purchase a ticket, but to guarantee a seat you can reserve a dining package for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at several restaurants around EPCOT.

There have¬† been plenty of well known celebrity narrators this year, including Neil Patrick Harris and John Stamos, but I made it a point to experience my first Candlelight Processional narrated by the beautiful Auli’i Cravalho (also known as the voice actor of¬†Moana).

For this review, I am going to focus on the dining package reservation vs. standby line, the narrator, and the overall experience. I’ll start by saying, however, that this is absolutely a must-do experience if you are on property or nearby when it is offered! I was blown away by the event itself, and I don’t think any words that I type will truly do it justice. But, let’s jump right in!

Dining Package Reservations vs. Standby Line

The Candlelight Processional is a free event with park  admission, however the standby line can get pretty insane Рespecially if the celebrity narrator is well known. As this was my first experience attending the event, I did plenty of research and found out that it was common for people to wait in the standby line for over three hours to grab a seat at one of the three showings.

One way to avoid the standby line and guarantee a seat, however, is to make a dining package reservation for the day of the event you’d like to see. There are several restaurants that offer the dining package, and have options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, the dining¬† packages can be expensive, reaching up to $70 per adult for a dinner.

I went back and forth between planning to wait in the standby line and just booking a reservation, but I decided [only a few hours before we left] that I didn’t want to chance not¬† being able to see Cravalho in person, since¬†Moana is an absolute favorite of mine. I couldn’t find¬†any available dinner reservations, but there were plenty of lunch reservations available and I ended up snagging¬† a 2:30 reservation at¬†Garden Grill. The lunch included beverages, an appetizer, a family style meal, and dessert. Also included was a ticket for the 6:45 showing of the¬†Candlelight Processional.

It ended up being a  good choice doing the dining package, because the standby line was seriously insane. Even the dining package line was crazy long, and we got there 45 minutes  before the event even started. We ended up finding out that they use the dining package to reserve 75% of the seating in the theater, leaving only 25% for standby guests.

So, long story short – as far as standby vs. dining¬† package, I would suggest the dining package if it is your first time seeing the event¬†or if it is a celebrity narrator you just¬†have¬†to see. I definitely wouldn’t have paid for the dining package someone were¬† performing that I didn’t really care to see, but then again I don’t think I’d stand in a three hour line either!

Celebrity Narrator 

I mean… What can I say really?! Auli’i Cravalho is just as lively and spirited as¬†Moana, and it really made the overall experience that much more magical. It was so obvious that she was honored to be there, so into the story, and absolutely loved the choir. You could see her mouthing and singing along to the songs with the chorus behind her, and she just seemed so moved and touched by the experience. I would absolutely go see her ten times over!

The Overall Experience 

I have to start out by saying that, in a country where there is so much fuss over “political correctness” and sensitivity, I am very surprised Disney puts on such a religious show. Between the story itself, the songs that accompanied it, and the overall story – it is a very Christian ceremony. That being said, I fear that one day (sooner, rather than later), someone somewhere will protest this event and it will be a thing of the past. I would absolutely recommend seeing it within the next upcoming years if it is a bucket list event.

Overall, it was truly a magical experience that really puts you in the holiday spirit. It was nice to be so immersed in a show that discussed the true reason for the season in such a beautiful way. The orchestra was outstanding, the choir was breathtaking, and the story was so beautifully told. It really has you step back from the hustle and bustle of the holiday itself and appreciate what this is all truly about.

All in all, like I said about three times above, this is a must-do experience if you’re on property for the holidays. The celebrity narrators are a nice touch, but really it’s all about the message and the beauty behind it all. Below, I’ll add a few clips of some of my favorite parts of the show (they’re poor quality, done on my iPhone – sorry in advance :)!

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Christmas is almost here, and although there is more to the holiday season than the gifts, it’s always nice to be able to give that¬†special someone what they deserve Christmas morning. Since I both started and finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, I thought I’d help some people out by listing some fun gift items for that Disney lover in your life!

Since this is a WDW blog, I am going to try to stick to merchandise that can be found in the parks and on the¬†Disney Parks¬†website. I’m also going to tailor these gift ideas more toward adults, since Santa and his elves take care of the Disney loving kiddos!

For gals…¬†

Alex and Ani Disney Bangle BraceletsР$44.95 РAlex and Ani has plenty of Disney themed bangle bracelets in both gold and silver that any girl would love. Some of my favorites include the Happily Ever After and the A Dream is  a Wish Your Heart Makes designs!

Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Sequined BackpackР$90.00 РThis was a very popular item when first released in the parks, and is still  hard to keep in the shops. This backpack would make the perfect accessory for a day in the parks!

Mickey Mouse Icon Wine Glass–¬†$27.00 – Pair this glass with a bottle of wine and it makes the perfect gift. Better yet, this glass can be personalized with a name, date, or whatever you’d like!

WDW Spirit Jersey Р$69.00 РAlthough this can really be a gender neutral gift, spirit jerseys would make any person happy. There are also plenty of designs to choose from, and some of  the most popular for women  are the rose gold design, and of course this years Christmas design as well!

Disney Ornament–¬†¬†Disney ornaments range in price, but there are hundreds to choose from and can be found for any life event. They can also be personalized in store and online, depending on the type of ornament you get!

For guys…

Mickey Mouse Club Varsity¬†Jacket –¬†$69.99 – The Mickey Mouse Club line came out in celebration of Mickey’s 90th birthday and has a ton of fun items.¬† This is one of my favorites, and a crowd favorite!

Walt Disney World Beer Mug –¬†$26.50 – This item can also¬† be personalized and has a few different designs including Mickey Mouse and Cinderella’s Castle etched onto the front!

WDW Spirit Jersey – $69.00 – Like I mentioned, super gender neutral! I’ve gotten my fiance the stone washed spirit jersey and he loves it! There are several that are great for any guy on your shopping list.

Nixon Solo:¬† A Star Wars Story Leather Band Watch –¬†$179.99 – This might be one of the more pricey items on the list, but it still had to make the cut! Perfect for any¬†Star Wars¬†fan!

This list really could have been never ending, especially because there is so much great merchandise that can be found in the parks and on Disney’s website. I tried to find items that are pretty broad in interests, so that there’s something on this list for everyone!

As an honorable mention, I do have to say that when in doubt, a Disney gift card works just as best! Especially if someone you know is heading to the parks in the near future, it is a perfect yet easy gift. Gift cards can be used for tickets, hotels, food, and merchandise in WDW and beyond.

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Let’s be honest – no one does the holiday season better than Walt Disney World resorts. If you read my last blog,¬†HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS IN WDW!, or have visited the resort during the holiday season you have a pretty good understanding of just how well they celebrate this season. However, there is one event specifically that holds a special place in my heart –¬†The Holidays at Disney Springs.¬†

If you know me, you know that my fiance proposed at Disney Springs right after the¬†Christmas Tree Trail and in front of the focal point tree. (If you want to read more about it, check out: OUR DISNEY WORLD ENGAGEMENT STORY). It is truly my favorite place to celebrate on property, and on top of the nostalgic reason there are plenty of reasons why. Let’s dive in to all that Disney Springs has to offer during the holiday season!

Christmas Tree Trail

The best part of the¬†Holidays at Disney Springs¬†offering is the¬†Christmas Tree Trail. While walking through “snowfall”, guests will enjoy 27 decorated Christmas Trees, each themed to their favorite Disney movies and attractions. Some of my favorites this year include trees themed to¬†The Haunted Mansion, Beauty and the Beast, and even a¬†Pluto tree!

While walking along the trail, there are plenty of photo ops as well as encounters with toy soldiers along the way. There may even be a few carolers and other entertainment along the way!

Santa’s Chalet

What’s a holiday celebration without the chance to meet Santa Claus? Guests can head over to the Christmas Tree Trail cottage and sign in for an encounter with Mr. Claus himself. PhotoPass+ is available for guests who want the meet-and-greet documented, or you can use your own camera or cell phone if you do not have¬†Memory Maker.¬†

What is best about this opportunity is that you don’t have to¬†wait in line, which we all know is how you will spend at least half of your time on WDW property. Instead, guests check in at the podium with one of Santa’s helpers and provide a phone number. While waiting, guests can shop or grab a snack and will be notified via text message when to return for their meet-and-greet with Santa.

Stitch’s Holiday Gift Hunt

A fun and engaging adventure for children of all ages to embark on, guests will follow Stitch along a mischievous quest of Christmas shopping. Using a Holiday Gift Hunt booklet [that can be picked up at various locations around Disney Springs), guests will go on a 12-stop scavenger hunt to find each place Stitch has run off to in order to get a new gift. Guests will mark off each stop with a sticker, and once the hunt is finished, the completed booklet can be redeemed for a special treat!

Holiday Decor

From the moment you enter Disney Springs, be prepared to be surrounded by gorgeous and larger-than-life holiday trees and decorations. There are plenty of photo-op spots scattered around the Springs as well, leaving so much to see and admire!

Shopping and Special Treats

It’s no secret that Disney Springs is a destination spot for shopping, which makes it a great place to knock some gifts off of your holiday shopping list. Along the way, stop at eateries such as¬†Goofy’s Candy Shop, Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Coffee Shop,¬†and¬†Amorette’s Patisserie¬†for special holiday-themed sweets and treats.

Well, there you have it! Everything there is to do and see uniquely themed to the holiday season at Disney Springs. The Christmas Tree Trail is worth heading to Disney Springs in and of itself in my opinion, but there is still so much more to experience.

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The holidays are a magical time Рeveryone is merry and bright, and you can really feel holiday cheer in the air. What better place to celebrate the holidays, however, than WDW?! Disney World does a fantastic job celebrating the holidays, and they have so many special offerings of events, attractions, and more.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and¬†everyone is in the Christmas spirit, I thought I’d outline every offering on Disney property where you can enjoy some holiday magic! Since there is so much, I am going to (try) to keep the explanations at a minimum. However, be on the lookout from now to Christmas day, as I plan to review¬†every holiday experience I encounter at WDW! There may even be a few extra blog posts than normal ūüėČ But for now, let’s get started!

Magic Kingdom

  • Mickeys Very Merry¬†Christmas Party: For more details on this hard ticketed event, check out my blog post all about it:¬†MICKEY‚ÄôS VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS PARTY: A GUIDE
  • Jingle Cruise: WDW imagineers overlay the¬†Jungle Cruise attraction with holiday themed elements including decorations, snowy scenery, and a few holiday puns.
  • A Frozen¬†Holiday Wish and Castle Dream Lights: Offered nightly starting mid-November, watch Elsa transform Cinderella’s castle into an ice palace in this castle stage show!


  • International Festival of the Holidays: Another festival offered in EPCOT’S Word Showcase, but themed to the holidays. You can find special drinks and food offerings at 16 “holiday kitchens” around World Showcase as well as unique entertainment, merchandise, and a holiday themed scavenger hunt! Be on the lookout for a future blog post where I create a guide to this holiday event!
  • Candlelight¬†Precessional: Offered during three showtimes every night between November 22 and December 30, this event is a can’t miss for the holiday season. Narrated by a celebrity guest, enjoy a large choir with a 50 piece orchestra telling the story of Christmas in a beautiful way. Some celebrity narrators include Neil Patrick Harris, John Stamos, and new to this year, the voice of Moana – Auli’I Cravalho!
  • Illuminations: Reflections of Earth¬†Holiday Ending: Enjoy a special holiday ending to EPCOT’s nighttime spectacular,¬†Illuminations.

Hollywood Studios

  • Flurry of Fun: The offerings at HS this year for the holidays are endless and beyond perfect! To read more about them in detail, including¬†Seasons Greetings on Sunset Blvd¬†and¬†Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!, check out the post I made all about it:¬†HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS “FLURRY OF FUN”

Animal Kingdom

  • Diwali Holiday Festival of Lights: A celebration of Diwali, the holiday festival of lights in India, is being added into¬†Up, A Great Bird Adventure starting November 8th and running through January 6.
  • Holiday Meet and Greet with Mickey and Minnie: Meet Minnie and Mickey dressed and ready for the holidays.

Disney Springs

  • Christmas Tree Trail: One of my favorite offerings on property, walk along a snowy trail of 27 Christmas trees, all decorated based on favorite Disney classics!
  • Stitch’s¬†Holiday Gift Hunt: Children, and adults, can embark on this hunt to help Stitch find all of the Christmas gifts he’s lost around Disney Springs! Guests who complete the scavenger hunt will earn a special prize!
  • Santa’s Chalet: Meet Santa and give him your wishlist at this special meet and greet location!

Disney Resorts 

  • Sleigh Rides: Head over to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds to embark on a 25 minute horse-drawn sleigh ride.
  • Gingerbread Displays: Visit any of the Deluxe resorts and you will find larger-than-life gingerbread displays! Some of my favorites this year include¬†Cinderella’s Castle display at the¬†Contemporary Resort and the¬†Victorian-inspired life size gingerbread house at the¬†Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.

On top of all of these unique offerings, you can expect to see pretty much every inch of the parks and resorts decked out in Christmas decorations. From large Christmas trees in resort lobbies and somewhere located in the parks, to garland and wreaths galore, WDW spares no expense to decorate in honor of the holidays. You can also expect to see your favorite characters in their holiday best as well as unique entertainment offerings at various places on property.

If you’re a shopper like me, the merchandise being offered this year is nothing short of excellent. Themed popcorn buckets, holiday MagicBands, pajamas, advent calendars, spirit jerseys, hats and Minnie ears are only a few vaguely described offerings you are likely to find. However, grab them quick, as the Halloween merchandise was all pretty much sold out before the holiday came itself!

Lastly, I have to mention the holiday treats. Everywhere you turn in the parks, there will be some unique treats themed to the holidays that look absolutely delicious. Most of them are also very photogenic, which I think is a¬†thing that Disney is trying to do with their treats now. I’ve heard some good things and some bad things about the offerings this year, but nevertheless they’re always worth a try!

Thanks for reading! I hope this quick guide to the holiday offerings at WDW gave you some unique ideas for things to check out this holiday season! Be sure to like this post, and subscribe to my blog to be notified when I post next! Happy Holidays ūüôā



The holiday celebrations in WDW have officially begun! The parks, the resorts, and even Disney Springs are all dressed in beautiful holiday decorations, each with unique offerings in their own way. Later in the month, I am going to have a blog post discussing¬†all of the holiday offerings found on property, but today I want to focus on one of my person favorites –¬†Flurry of Fun in Hollywood Studios.

Although I’ve visited the parks countless times over the past few years, I’ve never visited WDW during the holiday season, so all of these new experiences are beyond magical to me.¬†Yesterday, my fianc√© and I decided to check out the holiday experiences at Hollywood Studios and we were not disappointed!

From the decorations to the snow falling on Sunset Blvd to the tree lighting ceremony in the middle of Echo lake, Flurry of Fun absolutely put me in the Christmas spirit. It has been a while since we have been able to experience something new (to us) on property, and these offerings completely took my breath away!

Below, I am going to list all of the events that are offered nightly in Hollywood Studios as part of the Flurry of Fun celebration. Unfortunately, we were not able to experience every single event, but I am determined to head back to this park soon and check some more boxes off my list!

Echo Lake Decorations 

WDW imagineers transformed Echo Lake into a winter wonderland. The larger-than-life Christmas tree is placed right in the middle of the lake, surrounded by giant Christmas ornament bulbs and other decorations. The Echo Lake dinosaur, Gertie, was even dressed for the occasion with a Santa hat!

Around Echo lake there are plenty of Photopass cast members to take your picture in front of the festive set up. And, at dusk, they do a nightly tree-lighting ceremony that is definitely something worth seeing!

Sunset Blvd Seasons Greetings 

There is so much to talk about that imagineers have done to Sunset Blvd in celebration of the holidays. To start, one of the most exciting things that happens is the transformation of¬†The Hollywood Tower of Terror.¬†Using the same projection mapping technology that is used for Cinderella’s Castle shows, watch the “hotel” come alive with projections of various holiday-themed scenes aligned with classic Christmas songs. Laser effects are also used throughout the show to create that special “Hollywood” feeling.

My favorite part, however, is the SNOW that falls periodically throughout the night. It may not snow in Hollywood, California, but that added magical touch is the icing on the cake to this fun entertainment experience.

Meet Santa Claus and other Character Meet-and-Greets 

What is a holiday celebration without meeting the big man in red? Up until December 24, Santa is stationed in the Once Upon a Time building on Sunset Blvd from park open to close. Also throughout the park, you can find the Fab 5 dressed in their holiday for photo ops, including Goofy dressed as Santa Claus!

One of the best places to meet the characters in holiday outfits, however, is at¬†Hollywood & Vine for¬†Minnie’s Holiday Dine. You can find Goofy in his Santa outfit at a few different spots throughout the park at various times of the day, but a dinner at this table-service restaurant will ensure you get to see the entire gang in their holiday best.

Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!

About a half hour after park closing, guests can gather around the Chinese Theater to experience this holiday themed nighttime spectacular. Projection mapping is also used on the theater and is joined by fireworks, holiday music, and more to create a merry holiday show!

Toy Story Land Holiday Overlay 

If you have gotten the chance to visit Toy Story Land, you are well aware that year-round it is kind of decorated for Christmas, as you can see the characters stringing Christmas lights above your heads as decoration. However, WDW imagineers took it one step further to add a total holiday overlay in the park and it is spectacular.

The overlay includes larger-than-life Christmas cookies scattered as decorations around the park and characters dressed in holiday-themed outfits and/or accessories. There are also some fun ride overlays as well, including holiday music and special projections in Alien Swirling Saucers and the sound of jingling bells on Slinky Dog Dash as he races across the track.

I truly feel as though this blog doesn’t even do¬†Flurry of Fun¬†at Hollywood Studios justice. Imagineers and the cast members truly went above and beyond to create a completely magical holiday experience. It’s so tough to feel in the holiday spirit when you live in Florida (because it still feels like summertime), but one short night in this park did that for me.¬†Below are a few extra pictures of the park!

But, there you have it! A short guide to Hollywood Studios Flurry of Fun. I absolutely recommend checking this event out if you are on (or near) WDW property from now until December 31. You will not be disappointed!

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