A trip to Disney World is pretty expensive. Between room rates, ticket prices, dining, and merchandise the costs add up! Today, I am going to list a few ways you can save money on your next trip to WDW!

  1. Never book a rack rate room. Disney almost always has room discounts ranging from 10%-30% a night depending on the resort. Do your research and explore different resorts and I’m sure you’ll find something lesser in price than rack rate!
  2. Don’t bring or rent a car. Disney offers complimentary transportation to and from the airport to your resort, and back and forth from all theme parks. Bringing your own vehicle might be convenient, but you’ll pay nightly for parking at resorts, and daily for parking at theme parks. If you have to leave property, and Uber will still be much cheaper!
  3. Stock up on snacks and bottled water. Bottles of water are ridiculously expensive in the parks, as are the snacks. Bring your own from home, or use Postmates to get some delivered to your hotel. Pack them in your park bag daily!
  4. Look into getting an Annual Pass. Annual Passes are available to anyone, and there are different levels. Calculate how many days worth of tickets you’d be buying and the price, then compare to a pass. In some cases, it’s cheaper to get the AP – which comes with perks. You’ll get special discounts and rates on resort rooms, dining, and merchandise!
  5. Look into getting a Disney Visa. Chase bank offers Disney Visa debit cards for bank members and credit cards. Chase Visa cardmembers also get special perks including dining and merchandise discounts and also have special photo-ops with characters!
  6. Buy souvenirs ahead of time. This works really just for kids, because we all know that they want everything. Head to Target, Amazon, Walmart, etc. and purchase Disney brand merchandise. When your child is dying for a toy, pull out one of the pre-bought souvenirs and give it to them. It’ll be much cheaper, and make the whole family happy!
  7. Skip adding on Park-HopperI will preach this until I cannot preach it anymore. Especially if you are staying multiple days, the Park Hopper is not worth it! A vacation is supposed to be relaxing, and although it’s hard to do on a WDW vacation, park hopping is just too much in one day. Take your time in the parks one day at a time, head back to the resort mid-day for a nap or to lounge around the pool, head back to that same park. You’ll be much more well rested at the end of your vacation!

And there you have it – 7 ways to save money on your next vacation to WDW! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ Be sure to subscribe to our blog so you’re notified when we post next. See ya real soon!

2 thoughts on “7 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY IN WDW!

  1. Great tips! I remember my first trip to Disney, I wanted to bring home souvenirs for everyone, but that’s so expensive! I ended up going to a local Walgreens and finding tshirts for $5 and plastic character tumblers for 99 cents – perfect!

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