In honor of spooky szn, I thought it might be fun to kick off October with a fun Disney conspiracy theory! I have heard several, but this one takes the cake – is Walt Disney’s body frozen and buried in Disneyland’s Pirates of the Carribean?

The answer to this bizzare theory is obviously no, but it’s still a fun theory to talk about. How did this conspiracy get started? And, why the claim that his body is frozen? Let’s look at this story’s history below.

In 1966, Walt’s health was deteriorating at an accelerated rate when doctors found he had a walnut-sized tumor on his lung. Not even two weeks after his diagnosis, Walt passed away. Walt had very specific wishes regarding his funeral and plans for his body after death, which were a large part in where these theories stemmed from.

Walt specifically asked for an intimate ceremony, not a large funeral. Because of his wishes, everything after his passing remained tight-lipped and out of the public’s eye. This left fans around the world speculating what could have happened to his body – where did he wish to be buried? Did he want to be buried at all? Was his wish far more crazy than the usual funeral service?

Being that he died in the 60’s, the idea of being frozen after dying to preserve the body was large in the public eye in general. Fans thought that this idea wasn’t so far fetched for the dreamer himself and that if anyone could do it, it would definitely be Walt.

Once the speculating began, authors and the media ran wild with the idea and published it in books and magazines across the globe. While the idea of his body being buried under POTC was just invented along the way, the writers of these articles and books were so confident in their speculations that they were sure they were stating nothing but facts about Walt’s whereabouts.

Fast forward to present day, 2018. Although the idea of cryogenic freezing is a bit far more advanced than it was in the 60’s, we can all bet that there is no factual information behind this theory. In fact, it is recorded his official burial plot is located at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, not Disneyland or POTC.

Regardless of the truth or not, it’s still a fun little story to tell first time Disney fanatics, testing their gullibility and knowledge of Disney himself. Thanks for reading 🙂 I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Be sure to follow and like this blog. See you next time!

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